The Brief:

Bozu Izakaya is a modern cuisine concept born from the inspiration of Japanese street alley izakaya. Izakaya is a place where good foods and drinks celebrating the Japanese daily’s life narrative. Bozu crafted the best of the izakaya food as a reflection of their simple and delicious taste.

The Objective:

Create a brand honouring Japanese Izakaya authentic food and dining experiences. Enhancing the brand experiences in many design applications. Located in Bali - Indonesia, Bozu Izakaya will be the ultimate place to dine and visit.

The Solution:

Creating the complete brand story from the ground up. 
The minimalist logotype reflects Japanese infused design with custom letter form. The typography and arrangements of each letter is uniquely shape, for example the letter 'O' can be creatively visualize to strengthen the visual of the brand. We also created the Brand Assets of patterns for Bozu. The color palette uses combination dark colors to highlight the scenes of Tokyo after dark.

Wall Mural Design

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