in harmony
we came up with the concept of 'in harmony' to bring the message of peace and togetherness. as the celebration of the festive season of Eid Al-Fitr 1 Shawwal 1441 H and Ascension Day of Jesus Christ are celebrated on the same day on 13 May 2021. this moment consider to be unique as it happened in 1727 and will be repeated again in 2248.
what food could be better to portray the concept of 'in harmony'? 
we choose taco. what makes a delicious taco is the ingredients inside. all the ingredients should come together as whole composed dish. the tortilla, chunky meat, the veggies and acid. all creating a good flavour & we should be living in harmony.

Kau membuatku mengerti hidup ini
Kita terlahir bagai selembar kertas putih
Tinggal kulukis dengan tinta pesan damai
Dan terwujud harmoni..

lyrics by Padi
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