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Lavanda Laundry, a new concept of premium laundry that needs to grabs attention where the laundry markets are filled with lots of laundry cleaners from anonymous brand from local to international brands. With the unique positioning of wet cleaning laundry that will clean & maintain your clothes in good shape with Reverse Osmosis water, and more importantly it also more safer for the environment.
Wet cleaning concept is a new concept that is different from previous dry cleaning. And many people are not aware of the long term effects of dry cleaning laundry, where it can cause skin irritations, and the use of PCE can causes skin cancer in long term effect. Lavanda Laundry wants to take this message boldly and communicate with their identity and promotion materials.
Design Solution
The logo symbol is based on the concept of Lavanda Cares. We want to bring the concept of wet cleaning and eco-friendly comes together. The color of purple is referring to the origin name of Lavender where the blue reflects the freshness of water and brightness of the sky. For the visual concept, we imagined the field of clothing blossom and looking attractive in various color. We thought that it strengthened Lavanda Laundry as the eco friendly laundry.
Art Direction, Design: Ricky Setiawan Sutjahya
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